Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Programme Code
This version of the Code is effective from January 2002.
Section 1:Family Viewing Policy, Offence to Good Taste and Decency, Portrayal of Violence and Respect for Human Dignity
Section 2:Privacy, fairness and gathering of information
Section 3:Impartiality
Section 4:Party Political and Parliamentary Broadcasting
Section 5:Terrorism, Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour, etc
Section 6:Charitable Appeals and Publicity for Charities
Section 7:Religion
Section 8:Commercial References in Programmes
Appendix 1:Extracts from the Broadcasting Act 1990
Appendix 2:Statement of Common Principles on the Portrayal of Violence on Television
Appendix 3:The Broadcasting Standards Commission
Appendix 4:Relevant Legislation